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Baumkuchen Equipment

We have been developing Baumkuchen related equipment during all of our process producing Baumkuchen until sales scene, so that we can comply customers’ requirement.

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Single knife manual slicer

Single knife manual slicerSingle knife manual slicer

We can say it is key for kitchen design. The visual performance is not only baking but also coating, cutting and packaging are also showing good performance.

This is required item to cut 1 baking stick of Baumkuchen speedy and correctly. It can make beautiful cut surface comparing the case the operator cut the Baumkuchen by ordinary knife rolling the Baumkuchen by himself. Manual slicer cut the baked Baumkuchen, rolling it and putting the knife one by one. The slicer has scale on the knife moving area, therefore operator can cut in same thickness of sliced Baumkuchen.

Name:Manual Slicer
Electric capacity:100V 0.1kW

For the people who want more efficiency for cutting and packaging process...

Automatic Slicer

It solves the manpower problem.

The process after baking, such as coating process, cutting process and packaging process take much time than expected. Automatic slicer cut the baked Baumkuchen in correct size just setting the baked Baumkuchen and pushing the switch. Operator can remove sliced Baumkuchen from the baking stick, or prepare for packaging process, it works for efficiency and time saving.

Single knife (one blade)

Single knife (one blade)

It can set cutting distance by 1mm unit. Cutting process is fully automatic.

Name:Automatic Slicer (S type)
Electric capacity:100V 0.2kW

  • W type(Double blade knives)
  • W type(Double blade knives)

W type(刀Double blade knives)

It can perform time squiring 2/3 of the S type slicer.

Name:Automatic slicer (W type)
Electric capacity:100V 0.5kW

Rack for sticks

  • Steel made rackSteel made rack
  • Stainless steel made rackStainless steel made rack

It is the rack to hang the baked Baumkuchen.
It is recommended that Baumkuchen cutting process to be done on one day after the baked. This item is necessary to store baked Baumkuchen.(Baked Baumkuchen need to keep moisture until next day, otherwise cutting surface will not be smooth looking.)

One rack can hang 12 baking sticks for thicker type (diameter 8cm or more), and 24 baking sticks for thinner type. Additional rack is necessary in case number of baking is more than 12 per day.

For volume production like factory, or for people who has problem product deformation...

Prevent deformation machine

Just baked out Baumkuchen is very soft, and it is deforming like egg shape at lower side by own weight, then the hole position is changed. Because of this reason, hung Baumkuchen needs to be rolled time to time in order to avoid deformation. We recommend the rolling interval in every 8 min. This machine rounding baked Baumkuchen slowly, time to time intermittently to avoid deformation. It can operate 12 baking sticks.

Name:Prevent deformation machine
Electric capacity:100V 0.1kW

Remark :you can choose steel made / stainless steel made

  • Prevent deformation machine
  • Prevent deformation machine

Bowl Cart (Original)

  • Bowl Cart (Original)
  • Bowl Cart (Original)

Connecting ingredient preparation and baking operation!

It is very useful to move the bowl and to mix the ingredient. It works for hand mixing process at the ingredient preparation. It can bring ingredient from preparation room to baking room, also operator can put ingredient bowl on it during baking operation.

Baking sticks

Various kinds of baking sticks increasing valuation of Baumkuchen.

  • Wooden baking stick Diameter 32mm to 80mmWooden baking stick
    Diameter 32mm to 80mm
  • Teflon coated steel baking stick Diameter 16mm to 30mmTeflon coated steel baking stick
    Diameter 16mm to 30mm
  • Wooden baking stick for a-la-brosh shapeWooden baking stick for a-la-brosh shape
    *This is used for the second Baumkuchen
  • We can supply special order made for example à la broche shape. (The right side 120mm and the left side 35mm)We can supply special order made for example à la broche shape. (The right side 120mm and the left side 35mm)

Final Baumkuchen size can be bigger until 2 to 3 times diameter from the diameter of baking stick. We can propose size of and necessary quantity of the baking stick in accordance with customer’s requirement for final product size and image.

Baking stick for Apple-kuchen

Apple kuchen can be baked using apple-kuchen baking stick, which has foldable knifes, where the syrup dipped apple stabbed.After baking hard, the final product having moisture by the syrup from the apple.

  • Baking stick for Apple-kuchenBaking stick for Apple-kuchen
  • Apple-kuchenApple-kuchen
  • Real apple-kuchenReal apple-kuchen

Aluminum baking stick

Aluminum baking stick

It works well to use the remaining ingredients after baking ordinary Baumkuchen.
Also, this aluminum baking stick can make sheet shape Baumkuchen. Baking about 5 layers thin Baumkuchen by this aluminum baking stick and cut it vertically, then you can make sheet type Baumkuchen.

Wave shaping plate

Wave shaping plate

We have three choices for this shaping plate, aluminum, stainless, and rubber.
The circle shape plate centering Baumkuchen center, can make bottle shape Baumkuchen.

Wave shape Baumkuchen is not realizing only the crispy texture, but it realizes strong and week texture differences.

Baumkuchen in the wedding ceremony

*Baumkuchen in the wedding ceremony
It can be made using umbrella shape and wave shape plate combination.

Ingredient mixing stick

It is T shape stick mixing ingredient during the baking process in order to keep ingredient temperature in suitable range.
We renew this equipment using less parts for more sanitary.

Ingredient mixing stick

This has thermo sensor at the top of stick, and temperature of ingredient shows display panel set the handle part. This works well operator to see the ingredient condition for stable baking.

Ingredient mixing stick


Our company Fuji Shokai put priority on how each shop can convey their mind “please try our shop Baumkuchen” to their customers. Display unit works such occasion by its looking impact.

We do not have standard size for display, we will make it as suitable size and specification for each shop.

  • Display3 sticks hanging type
  • Display3 sticks rotation type
  • Display4 sticks rotation type
  • Display5 sticks rotaion type

Dummy sample

Round sliced ones, wave shape ones, whole baking stick shape, we will make any kind of Baumkuchen dummy samples.

  • Dummy sample
  • Dummy sample
  • Dummy sample


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