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Our business

We create prosper shops from appealing lively kitchen.
We propose successful sweets shops by our total support.

Fuji Shokai provides you with the problem-solution proposal from a partner point of view who knows customers’ requirements and circumstances most.




We create your brand design.

We, as experienced kitchen pros, produce not only freshness and tasty of sweets but also propose to create “Gray zone” mixed kitchen space (”Black zone”) and selling space (”White zone”), where customers can see staff manufacturing sweets scene in the shop. This “Gray zone” can appeal owner’s passion and proud products to customers by uniting our producing scene and sensuous shop design which is different from conventional patisserie design. We produce not only total baumkuchen business but also solutions of patisserie/bakery business problems.

Baumkuchen business producing team

Baumkuchen business producing teamBaumkuchen business producing team

Baumkuchen business producing team

  • We support for oven usage, baking baumkuchen, development of recipes, a shop design, business know-how, packaging, shop catalogue, POP and our total services..
  • We propose baumkuchen brimming with originality, which customers can purchase only at your shop and want to visit your shop all the way.
Sweets business solution sales team

Sweets business solution sales team

Proposal sweets business solution for prosperity

Sweets business solution sales team

We will propose optimum machines selecting out of various options from domestic and overseas suppliers based on our own research about the shop / company current situation. We will also provide strategic information to be able to overcome as a top dealer.

  • ① Plan to increase sales up, profit improvement measures
  • ② Solution to the problem of the staff
  • ③ Proposal of environment and hygiene improvements
  • ④ Establishment of safety, security and trust


Producing factory sweets manufacturing line

Producing factory sweets manufacturing lineProducing factory sweets manufacturing line

Producing factory sweets manufacturing line

We can initiate reliable knowhow based on our experience of over half a century.

  • ① Proposal knowhow about the operation of the original production line
  • ② Remodeling of production lines and worker’s flow lines
  • ③ Proposal of the labor saving

Maintenance service team

Maintenance service teamMaintenance service team

Maintenance service team

Confectionary and bakery machine technical specialists work promptly and flexibly, and make maintenance and alternation based on high quality technical skills.

We, Fuji Shokai provides one-stop service from producing a new project, designing shop, selecting appropriate machines for you and delivery, business and training seminar, to follow-up included machine maintenance.
All our staffs who participate in the project understand the concept which is the strategy for starting the project, and actualize highly complete prosper shops, having passion “we want to produce successful shops with you”.

Moreover, present sweets trend changes so fast.
We will visit you constantly after business started, and advise “What should you do now” such as proposals for sales and profit improvement, sales promotion, productivity improvement by reconsidering kitchen layout, reducing working members and time.
We supports totally as “your partner”.

Fuji Shokai proposes “Designing successful sweets shop” based on our know-how which leads to a lot of prosper shops.

  • Our business
  • Our business
  • Our business


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about purchasing confectionary/bakery machines, starting a new sweets shop, maintenance machines, inquiry of baumkuchen business and equipments!
*English speaking staff is Not always in our office, so we recommend inquiry by e-mail at the first contact.