For the people considering
Japanese Gift & Sweets = Baumkuchen business
in own country.

The baumkuchen shop, the baumkuchen café, these are very exciting buseinss. Baumkuchen is the confectionary originated in Germany, it has grew in Japan, and now in Japan, it is absolutely necessary as high grade confectionary, also collaboration gift item.
We have a culture that sending gift to collaborate friends’ or family’s the happy occasion, like birthday, entering school, wedding, etc. This means that make own mind to shape, which is the gift.

The image of the baumkuchen is from the annual ring of a tree, which means growing every year. Such image is match with Japanese culture and we can say baumkuchen is one of the symbols of Japanese culture.
We, Fuji-Shokai has been contributing Japanese confectionary culture development in more that 50 year since our company established, as pioneer manufacturer of the baumkuchen oven.

We are sure that you find attractiveness watching the people buying baumkuchen, and scene of the baumkuchen baking, if you come Japan and visit the baumkuchen shop and seeing the baumkuchen.
If you feel “want to operate similar shop in my country”, please contact us.

On the other hand, even in Japan, baumkuchen business is not simple business. Not every one can succeed even the baumkuchen is very popular confectionary.
- How the good taste baumkuchen can be made, and how it can be sellable item.
- How the shop shall be designed in order to prosper.
- How the very important product mix can be made and can be evoluved.

What’s new
  • 2014.010.17[event]
    Exhibition schedule in JAPAN
    2014.10.15-17 TOKYO
    (at Makuhari Messe in Chiba)
    HP: (Japanese only)
  • 2014.10.17[event]
    2014.10.22-23 SEOUL, KOREA
    “MARUBISHI Exhibition”
  • 2014.10.17[event]
    2015.2.18-21 TOKYO
    “MOBAC SHOW 2015”
    (at Makuhari Messe in Chiba)
  • 2014.02.20[event]
    Exhibition schedule in JAPAN
    4/2-4 TOKYO
    "Dessert Sweets Bakery & Drink Festival 2014" (at TOKYO Big sight)
    HP: (Japanese only)
  • 2014.02.20[event]
    4/9-12 NAGOYA
    "Chubu Pack 2014"
  • 2014.02.20[event]
    6/10-13 TOKYO
    "FOOMA JAPAN 2014"
  • One of the best way to understand baumkuchen business is to come the exhibition and see our oven and services and discuss with us fact to face basis.
    Please come to Japan exhibiton and watch Japanese baumkuchen shop if you want to begin baumkuchen business.
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    Taipei, TAIWAN

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    Seoul, KOREA



Becoming the main gift
 items of the shop.

We have various kind of customer supports, we think everything are necessary for the customer’s business success.
Do you understand that baumkuchen is not the business can be started easily. The essence of the baumkuchen business is “OMOTENASHI”, which is Japanese culture we mentioned above, sending own mind to surrounding people.

If your strong interest in the baumkuchen business becomes firm by our support, you may inspire the related people and attract everyone as customer of your business.

We are supporting you totally, please do not hesitate to ask us anything.

Please refer this sheet “Before Starting”

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