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Four Sec Pump

Four sec Pump only for the third Baumkuchen

Four sec Pump only for the third Baumkuchen

Is this sweet also Baumkuchen?
Having the new crunchy texture, the third Baumkuchen brought more gift assortment power!

【Specification of the machine】
Electrical power:100V 0.2kw
*This machine can be dissemble.

The impact when we met “Sacotis”

The origin of Baumkuchen seems to be baking sweets item in Eastern Europe, where has a various kind of baking sweets tradition. One of our customer in Middle East showed us one movie, the movie showed baking process of the sweets putting ingredients by hand, on the fire from the fireplace. It was the Sacotis baking process whick is the Lithuanian traditional sweets.

The impact when we met “Sacotis”

We began to develop the third Baumkuchen !!

We began to develop the third Baumkuchen !!
  • SacotisSacotisSacotis
  • HybridHybridHybrid

We began to develop the third Baumkuchen !!

We should be above to make it since the sweets structure is same.
We have tried many things in order to get Crunchy texture, changing ingredients condition, way to putting fire, etc. Finally we could realize Sacotis by our oven, adjusting rolling and rounding movement of oven, and also developing special pump which can supply the ingredient as fresh and crunchy condition.Moreover, we tried to change size and shape of this new item so that this new item can be new genre as the third Baumkuchen. It may be interesting idea that putting cream inside of the third Baumkuchen, also expanding valuation by coating, putting ice cream inside to make frozen item, etc.

You can show performance – manufacturing scene of baked sweets, it will improve productivity of Baumkuchen oven.

The day does not have Baumkuchen production, the oven is stopping in dark place, even the oven is installed in the shop having very good location.
Don’t you face such situation often ? you can not sell unless you bake, you do not bake unless you can sell. Let’s get out from such bad spiral.

This pump supplies materials like shower by pressing button, produces ball-shaped “Jumeira” and stick-shaped type Baumkuchen by using thick Teflon baking stick.

stick-shaped typestick-shaped typestick-shaped type
ball-shaped “Jumeira”ball-shaped “Jumeira”

Now, User bake only soft kuchen,you can bake the third Baumkuchen “Four sec kuchen” by purchasing this pump and adjusting the oven. Why don’t you increase your gift sales power by adopting Foursec kuchen. Please feel free to ask our staff if you know more detail information about Foursec kuchen and pump.

What is “the first, second, and third baumkuchen” ?

What is “the first, second, and third baumkuchen” ?

You can bake various kinds of Baumkuchen by changing oven baking mode or by using optional equipment.
We introduce only one part of Baumkuchen variations in this page.
*Please refer to the explanation of “the first, second, and third Baumkuchen” in the page “Baumkuchen oven introduction”.

The first kuchen – Soft Kuchen
  • The first kuchen – Soft Kuchen

We have evolved the taste of German traditional baumkuchen and developed Japanese original taste for many years. The “Japanese kuchen” tastes Soft and Juicy, and it is brought by the patent of our oven.

The second kuchen – Hard kuchen
  • The second kuchen – Hard kuchen

We also learned the origin of baumkuchen in detail and evolved Baumkuchen taste furthermore. We developed “European kuchen”, which has flavor spread in the mouth and unique chewy taste.

The third kuchen – Four sec kuchen (Cookie kuchen)
  • The third kuchen – Four sec kuchen (Cookie kuchen)

Moreover, we developed another type of Baumkuchen, having crunchy taste like cookie, which can be baked by using Four sec pump (optional equipment). The manufacturing method of this Baumkuchen can produce the East European traditional sweets and innovative shaped baked sweets. It will improve your shop’s assort gift variation composed by only Baumkuchen.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about purchasing confectionary/bakery machines, starting a new sweets shop, maintenance machines, inquiry of baumkuchen business and equipments!
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