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Management philosophy
Transform customers'trust into our brightness, together

It is our management philosophy that every employee should realize the pleasure of being trusted by customers and always outperform their expectations. We envisage to become such a company that is needed by our customers, co-workers, suppliers and vendors and the community. Therefore, if we can be of some help for customers and can share the pleasure of customer’s trust among us, we will become brighter and that will drive us to contribute to the development of the society.

Repeating again, our philosophy is to transform our customer’s trust into the brightness of the employee, together.

Address from representative director
Tetsuya Fujinami,Representative Director

Tetsuya Fujinami,
Representative Director

To illustrate my philosophy of doing manufacturer business of confectionery machines, let me pick up as an example the roles of confectioneries to our life. Confectioneries may not be essential for sustaining human lives. On the contrary, I think that you can name many occasion in your daily life that confectioneries are playing essential roles. Imagine sweet conversation between lovers, celebrations at various life stages of your kids or family. Don’t you think that confectioneries are nice fit for them? I believe that confectioneries are cultural products and are indispensable to enrich human life.
Our business is to offer aids, as an unsung hero, to confectioners and store owners who are the bearer of such confectionery culture so that they can produce good products under a good environment.
We will keep pursuing our high aspiration to contribute to the development of the industry as well as to contribute for consumer’s smiles and happy lives. Your support would be highly appreciated.

Our Japanese spirit to the world!
Company Profile
Trade Name Fuji Shokai Incorporation
Address Zip code 652-0874 2-3, Takamatsucho, Hyogo Ward, Kobe City
Representative Representative Director :Tetsuya Fujinami
Establishment April 3, 1967
Capital 10 million yen
Business Area Manufacturing, sales and maintenance of confectionery machines and
bakery machines、Total produce on Baumkuchen , Total store produce
Relation Bank Minato Bank Ohashi Branch
Sumitomo-MitsuiBank Kobe Ekimae Branch Mizuho Bank Nagata Brnach
Affiliate Hyogo Prefecture Association of Small and medium entrepreneur
Kobe Chamber of Commerce
Hyogo Prefecture Confectioners Association
Hyogo Prefecture Fresh Cake Association
Kansai Confectionery and Bakery Kitchen Machine Cooperative Association
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